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Theresa May The MP told BBC News his comments had been taken out of context, but he still expressed frustration at the apparent lack of progress on her domestic policies, adding: "People elect you to get things done." Image caption Theresa May meets a homeowner helped by the government's stamp-duty changes The prime minister was determined not to let Brexit define her government and promised legislation to help the "just about managing" and those who had been left behind in the economic slow lane. Some would argue that she does not have enough MPs to push through truly bold and controversial legislation. She has announced policies to change the housing market image source and a new focus on the environment. But she has still faced stinging criticism from some of her own MPs - and her former top adviser Nick Timothy - that her government lacks purpose and direction. Former minister Nick Boles - who saw his ideas on housing rejected by the prime minister - called it "timid". Others have spoken of "drift" and a lack of energy. A cabinet reshuffle, aimed at injecting new life into the government, does not appear to have had sites the desired effect. Image caption Jeremy Corbyn is hoping to make big gains at the local elections The next crunch point for online shopping sites list the prime minister comes on Thursday 3 May, when voters in England go to the polls in local elections. Polling expert Sir John Curtice has said the party looks set to "lose ground very heavily in London" to Labour, although losses might not be as bad as feared elsewhere. If the Tories do have a bad night, it will ramp up pressure on Mrs May.


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