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Some Practical Guidance On Speedy Solutions In [textile Testing]

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Residents complain of cotton dust pollution from textile mill

V. Shanti (42), living adjacent to the compound wall of the spinning mill for the last 40 years, said the cotton dust was posing a health hazard to children and senior citizens. The dust that came out of the chimney settled on the roof top of the houses, trees and creepers and even ropes meant for drying clothes. Ms. Shanti said she had sent her aged mother-in-law to their native village in Erode district on Saturday in order to protect her from wheezing problem. Though the mill was functioning for 40 years, this was the first time the residents faced this, she said. N. Durai (55), another resident of Periyar Nagar, said children and the aged suffered respiratory problem over the last three days. The front yard of a few houses near St.

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