The Fundamentals Of Deciding Upon Indispensable Details In Bags

MailOnline iPad app Deusker tells the Wall Street Journal this shift means that we're feeling much more satisfied with our purchases: 'A victory at the end of a long journey'.  Long process: 40 per cent of 18 to 34-year-olds start thinking about their next handbag purchase more than a month in advance, according to the recent study by the NPD Group and Stylitics mango ราคาถูก He likens this process to that of buying a car, with more than six in ten shoppers heading online to conduct thorough research before clicking 'buy now'.  Not only does this allow them to check details on size and craftmanship, but it also means avoiding the hassle of in-store fitting rooms and pushy sales assistants. Deuskar also points to modern shoppers being less enamoured with specific brands and logos, focusing instead on style and quality.  The study also showed that women aged between 18-45 own an average of 13 handbags from seven different brands - with 40 per cent of those coming from 'lesser-known and emerging brands' Marshal Cohen, chief industry analyst, The NPD Group, added that the 'complex nature' of modern consumers' 'handbag purchase journey' means it's more important than ever for brands to กระเป๋า zara mango understand the needs of the customer.  'The handbag has become a signature item,' he explained. 'Retailers need to take advantage of selling it in-store, up-front and centre, as their own signature.' The study also showed that women aged between 18-45 own an average of 13 handbags from seven different brands - with 40 per cent of those coming from 'lesser-known and emerging brands'.  HOW TO SPOT THE REAL DEAL FROM A FAKE HANDBAG Marja Neimann, an auctioneer at online auction house Catawiki, gave her give tips to avoid being ripped off with a fake when buying vintage: The stitching should be perfectly even, with no loose threads. กระเป๋า brandname Check the seams are matching – whether it’s the quilting on a Chanel bag, or the pattern on a Louis Vuitton - a company that values its logo, wouldn’t divide the letters in a seam.  And where the pattern appears on either side of the seam, it should accurately match. The lining of a bag is often a great way to spot a fake as counterfeiters rarely have a good view of the inside of a bag – logos and serial numbers found on the inside of กระเป๋าเป้ forever21 bags can often be the best way of identifying a fake.  For example, Mulberry uses the coin inside with a serial number and always use the same type of letters and numbers, so if the size of the numbers are any different, you can be assured that the bag is a fake Here too, it’s easy for counterfeiters who are working off photographs, rather than copying the real thing, to get it wrong – particularly vintage Chanel chain bags, which all have a pocket on the back. Fakes often feature bigger pockets so always do a comparison to ensure you’re buying right. Some counterfeiters routinely mark Louis Vuitton knockoffs 'Made in France; but this isn’t always the case, as there have been lines that have been made in Spain so whilst a manufacturing stamp may seem like a good way of identifying the real deal, it can sometimes be misleading. The seller should know everything about the bag and be able to answer all questions – sometimes a little digging can uncover a counterfeit bag.  

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